Linking your Business to the World.

Have you gone digital with your business payments yet?

More businesses are transitioning to digital B2B payments, thanks to the efficiency and speed they provide.

uLinkbusiness is the one-stop solution for individuals and small businesses to confidently manage their B2B payment needs.

Your Business-to-Business Payments Solution

A fast and secure solution for all your international B2B payments needs

Get a competitive exchange rate and $0 fees* on every transfer

*Terms and conditions apply. Limited time offer.

Use uLinkbusiness to

Pay Invoices and Suppliers

Pay International Service Providers

Buy Inventory

Process International Payroll

Automatically sync bills from QuickBooks with just a few clicks.

How it works

Register your account

Create your account at no cost. Tell us about your business and international payment needs.

Create a transfer

Tell us who you are sending money to and the amount of your transfer.

Process your payment

Pay using a bank transfer
to process your payment.

Expand your reach

Send business payments to over 50 countries worldwide.


Your business transactions are protected by our fraud detection and risk prevention departments.

Ease of Use

Process a single or multiple transactions to over 50 countries worldwide with ease.

Transaction Updates

Send your recipient updates related to the status of your transaction.

Why uLinkbusiness?

The tailored solution for all your business payment needs.

Avoid International fees

Your recipient will not be charged an additional fee by UniTeller in order to receive payments.


Your payments are processed within 1-2 business days depending on the destination country.


International B2B payments with a “Best in Class” compliance platform


Get a special exchange rate provided we receive your funds within 24 hours and get $0 fees* on every single transfer.

Easy to pay

Pay for your transactions with an ACH or wire transfer.


Send business payments with the powerful backing and experience of UniTeller Financial Services.

*Terms and conditions apply. Limited time offer.

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