CEO, Alberto Guerra, began his career with Grupo Financiero Banorte where he held different positions in the International, Corporate, and Structured Finance Units of the group. At Banorte, he was in charge of the International Banking Division at the age of 32 and led their expansion plan into the U.S., which resulted in the acquisition of UniTeller in 2006. In March of 2007, Alberto became the President & CEO of UniTeller Financial Services.

UniTeller has since then been transformed from a small cash to cash remittance company into one of the leading providers in global cross border and payment processing services. Alberto’s background and graduate degrees in Banking, Economics, and Finance give him a sophisticated edge on even the most theoretical aspects of the business. Although, being an immigrant from Mexico himself, his real passion originated from the first-hand challenges that he faced with cross border transfers back in the days. His experiences allowed him to lead his team with a passion that has helped UniTeller achieve growth in volumes of 15x. Alberto led the digitalization project of the company and successfully launched products like uLink remit, uLink business, uLinkcard, as well as, the new agent and wholesale web portals.

In his free time, he enjoys a good read, spending quality time with his family, and watching his son’s soccer games.