Head of Marketing

Neha Arora brings over 15 years of experience in Marketing Content Strategy and Communications.

She is dedicated to providing content that is impactful and feels passionately about creating value for customers through meaningful content marketing, social and digital ad strategies, and corporate public relations.

She believes in creating brand content that is not only appealing, conversational, and engaging but also adds value to people’s lives. She identifies creative solutions to challenges through collaboration with internal and external resources, strategic outreach to the media, and thoughtful communication strategies. She’s fascinated by the power of authentic communication in all of its forms, both at an individual and on a professional level.

She’s currently based in Pennsylvania and has moved several times as a child and young adult, something that has taught her resilience and tenacity; it’s a characteristic that she finds beneficial in the business world. She values strong work ethics, integrity, and honesty. When not at work, she expresses her creativity through cooking, crafting, painting, and upcycling furniture.