13 years at UniTeller and going strong! Head of Retail Sales, Lucas Nazario, plans and implements realistic and scalable sales strategies and programs targeted towards existing and new markets. He constantly works on rediscovering spirituality in his life, whether through an organized religion, a book, or any other structure that helps.

Fun Facts about Lucas:

He has a love for animals with 8 Chihuahuas and a maltes in his home. That’s a total of NINE dogs! Did you know that relative to their bodies, Chihuahuas have the biggest brain in the dog world?



Ruben Torres, Head of Wholesale Business at UniTeller is responsible for managing our Wholesale Business unit, for generating multimillion-dollar revenues, and to position the company as one of the largest electronic payments and remittance aggregators worldwide. Ruben develops, implements, and coordinates a variety of programs and strategies for account management and service programs, sales forecast, market analysis, public relations, and product sales. He is in charge of directing management programs to increase business opportunities and business sales with third party money transmitters and strategic alliances.

His experience of over 25 years in the remittance industry allows him to bring fresh ideas and processes to the table and apply his extensive knowledge of the market to help strengthen UniTeller’s position in the remittance industry.

Fun Facts about Ruben:

He’s a music fanatic, enjoys an occasional concert, spending time with family and friends, and above all barbequing, which he considers as one of the best sports in Texas!



Ivette Pardo, oversees the most important component of a successful business, a productive thriving workforce. Ivette develops and implements organizational strategies and policies prioritizing employees as key human assets while assuring compliance with Federal and State regulations.

Ivette has been working for Uniteller for the last 9 years. “I’ve found my job to be incredibly challenging and rewarding. As a company with employees located in 3 different countries, we manage through multiple languages, cultures, and regulatory challenges.” says Ivette. Maintaining strong bonds with everyone in the Company is a must, and developing a diverse network of external HR professionals is another key to success.

Ivette ensures that UniTeller adapts to new and upcoming technology to increase efficiency and communication across all our locations. Expense approval automation and HR communication and management tools are among the few tools that have been implemented to ensure our executives and employees are communicate efficiently and focus on creating value for our business.

“I am really happy with the achievements and growth within the company and I thank my Uniteller team being an integral part of this journey.”

“Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.” –



Neha Arora brings over 15 years of experience in Marketing Content Strategy and Communications.

She is dedicated to providing content that is impactful and feels passionately about creating value for customers through meaningful content marketing, social and digital ad strategies, and corporate public relations.

She believes in creating brand content that is not only appealing, conversational, and engaging but also adds value to people’s lives. She identifies creative solutions to challenges through collaboration with internal and external resources, strategic outreach to the media, and thoughtful communication strategies. She’s fascinated by the power of authentic communication in all of its forms, both at an individual and on a professional level.

She’s currently based in Pennsylvania and has moved several times as a child and young adult, something that has taught her resilience and tenacity; it’s a characteristic that she finds beneficial in the business world. She values strong work ethics, integrity, and honesty. When not at work, she expresses her creativity through cooking, crafting, painting, and upcycling furniture.



Oscar, Head of International Business Development, is responsible for developing Cross Border and International Payments business opportunities globally. He captures new business opportunities, builds and maintains existing and potential strategic partnerships related to P2B and B2B International Payments worldwide, and nurtures trusted client relationships. Oscar develops and grows our new payment corridors, our overall paying network, and promotes Processing Remittance Services among remittance companies, financial and non-financial institutions, and corporate partners across the globe.

In his 26-year long career, he has been a part and an asset of UniTeller since 2007. One of his biggest milestones in UniTeller is being responsible for expanding UniTeller’s Payment Network to where it is today.

Oscar has been married since 1999 and is a proud father of two beautiful girls, Daniella and Isabella. When he’s not busy growing the UniTeller network or spending time with his family, you will probably find him partying until dawn.



Fernando Gutierrez, Head of Digital Innovations, is a member of the company’s Leadership Team. He is responsible for everything from inception, development, and go-to-market of UniTeller’s line of business, uLinkRemit, a mobile APP, and web money transfer platform. uLink, is a direct to consumer service that originates international payments from the U.S. to a large network in Mexico, Central, South America, and Asia.

Fernando is an executive with over 18 years of work experience, including 16+ years at the Banorte Group as a Product Manager and in the areas of Digital Innovation, and Business Development in the Banking and Financial sector in the U.S. and Mexico.

Fernando is also Agile product owner certified and is responsible for managing and developing a phenomenal team of over 20 professionals, including Digital Product Managers, Remittances as a Services (RaaS) & Marketing, UI/UX, front-end & back-end development, and a customer care team

Fernando is based in Austin, where he lives with his wife, daughter, and son.
When not at work, he enjoys playing music, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.



Sameer Taneja, Head of IT, provides strategic leadership for the continued development of innovative, robust, and secure Information Technology system at UniTeller. He brings over 24 years of experience in the field of IT Management, Planning, Strategic Business Development, IT Security, and Software Architecture & Development.

Sameer has lead the design and implementation of several highly scalable, secure and stable enterprise IT platforms, that are successfully supporting various high volume financial services and other businesses around the world. He’s highly experienced in building, leading, and managing mission critical IT and software development teams. Sameer likes to keep upgrading his knowledge; and subjects like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are his recent areas of interest.

When not at work, he enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends. During his free time, he likes to play and follow sports like table-tennis, tennis, and cricket.



Head of Business & Operations, Normando Morgan, is responsible for the implementation of the services to ensure best practices with a primary goal and objective to build and sustain overall business growth. Normando is known for wearing many hats within the organization. Among those are managing business relations with corporate partners, implementation of technological and operational improvements that benefit our corporate customers, and more importantly, developing and driving business opportunities for UniTeller. In addition, Normando is accountable for ongoing management of our Internal Operations in order to help expand UniTeller’s capabilities and find new ways to provide added value to the organization. During his time at UniTeller, Normando has led numerous successful projects such as onboarding corporate partners from various industries across the globe that have a direct impact on the end customer user experience in positive ways.

Fun Facts about Normando:

Despite my strained vocal cords, I love to sing. And although my singing gives my two teenage, musician boys an ear sore, they’ve promised me an opportunity to sing in their band. Maybe someday I might take my chances at The Voice.



At UniTeller, Eduardo is responsible for leading and overseeing the global compliance department. He is exceptionally knowledgeable in all facets of Compliance for financial services entities involved in global money transfer. In particular, his expertise includes all areas of Anti-Money Laundering laws and regulations (OFAC, KYC, EDD, SARs, Risk Assessments, and licensing). He has also been recognized by his peers for his expertise as a speaker at various industry conferences, has lectured on legal and compliance matters at Fordham Law School and other venues. In addition, he has addressed the MTRA Conference of State Banking Regulators. He has also served as Banking Committee Vice Chair and Head of the Cryptocurrency Sub-Group at the New York County Lawyers Association where he led discussions and hosted events concerning digital payments and digital currency. Eduardo is responsible for developing, monitoring, and updating all risk rating and compliance policies & procedures at UniTeller, acting as the liaison for UniTeller with all regulatory agencies and managing the examinations performed by State and Federal authorities. 

Prior to his role at UniTeller, Eduardo worked for Venable LLP and Fox Rothschild LLP in the New York City, before working in a private practice where he represented clients in a broad range of litigation and transactional matters involving IP rights, mergers and acquisitions, asset purchase sales, breach of contract, and licensing. Eduardo is a graduate of New York University and Fordham University School of Law, and is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS).



William jumped headfirst into the UniTeller way of life in 2013. As UniTeller’s Chief Financial Officer, William leads the company from a financial perspective, taking ownership of companywide fiscal and regulatory matters.

William is known to flawlessly shift gears to lead cross-disciplinary strategic initiatives. William’s strong business acumen and leadership has played a significant role in integrating the financial and corporate planning functions at UniTeller. He transformed and implemented an efficient accounting model and financial reporting system that created a concrete internal control environment for UniTeller worldwide operations.

Furthermore, he has led several strategic initiatives that have had a lasting impact on multiple facets of the business including driving down costs, increasing revenue, and improving the overall performance of various business units.

William determines optimal strategies for financial investments in order to ensure UniTeller’s continued growth. Admired for driving radical growth and building the financial infrastructure for UniTeller, William has a track record of guiding major corporate partnerships, designing highly efficient reporting systems, and optimizing performance. During his time at UniTeller, he has successfully deployed revolutionary financial strategies that have empowered UniTeller to grow year over year from its inception to where it is today.

Prior to working at UniTeller, he obtained an MBA at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQUAM) in 2002 and brought over 30 years of experience by serving at various capacities within the corporate accounting and finance divisions at PWC and The Shell Co.

When not at work, William enjoys outdoor sports and spending quality time with family.